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Tug 01 by UzukiNoKaze
Tug 01
Would really like to get me hands on one of Ian McQue's ships one day..
03.Conus by UzukiNoKaze
Conus Class Specialist Submersible

A Second-Generation Combat submersible, designed more for the direct combat support role. The Conus is fitted with a heavy Rod Rifle and a twin barrelled gunpod.

The Conus class is named after the family of poisonous marine gastropods who are known for their harpoon-like stinger. However, unlike its namesake, the Conus is no slouch. This new-generation submersible is easily one of the faster and nimbler subs in service, and with its potent weapon, offers the possiblity of various hit and run tactics.

Concept art for my UDK student project, BLUE
02.Bullfrog by UzukiNoKaze
Sonic Mining Platform "Bullfrog"

Initially used for mapping and deep sea mining operations, the Bullfrog is now one of the main workhorses of the war.It has a high intensity doppler pulse system used for mapping out underwater cave systems. The Bullfrog has heavy shielding to protect against pressure and potential cave-ins, which proved invaluable when the wars started. It was soon refitted to be a heavy weapons platform, with micro-torpedoes retrofitted in every possible hardpoint, and two pairs of high velocity supercavitating needleguns fitted on side turrets.

Bullfrog pilots soon realised that by overcharging the ping function of the ping system, they could inflict massive pressure damage on surrounding craft. This system was soon repurposed as an effective area of affect damage weapon by Bullfrog pilots, who christened it "The Croak"

Pilots are not advised to overuse this ability as it is not clear how well Bullfrog's hull can withstand repeated abuse with stress of this magnitude.

Concept art for my UDK student project, BLUE
01 Hammerhead Class by UzukiNoKaze
01 Hammerhead Class
One of the first generation of submersibles designed specifically for combat and salvage missions, which are the majority of conflicts in the war. The Hammerhead class sub is outfitted with two hard hitting subercavitating rod rifles, and 4 medium range Swordfish torpedoes.

The Hammmerhead class has a distinct front heavy profile, and the defining feature of this sub is that it can enter an Assault mode. In Assault mode, the command pod is fitted into the recesses of the hull, and armored plates fold over the front, providing extra protection towards frontal assault, as well as providing more speed and being a smaller target. This, however, comes at the cost of maneuverability and pressure dissipation.

Experienced Hammerhead pilots are familiar with these two modes and flit in between the two, utilising each modes advantages in situations that demand them.

Concept art for my UDK student project, BLUE


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